Family Restoration Program

manualsAddiction is a terminal illness that breaks up families, ruins the lives of children and eventually kills the user. The Family Restoration Program is designed to promote further understanding and healthier responses in families where alcoholism and other addictions are present.

Family members have a right and an obligation to learn all they can about this disease just as they would if their loved one was affected by cancer or heart failure. It is possible to relieve the guilt, shame and stress that lives in a family where addiction is present. It is possible to learn how to cope, learn how to help and learn how to love yourself in the process.

The four day Family Restoration Program, suitable for children and adults, is a beginning of healing and a fresh outlook on life. It might be the best thing you have ever done for yourself and your family. We welcome all inquiries.

Download a sample agenda for the Family Restoration Program to learn more about topics covered.