You and your staff can learn from Professional Specialists in addiction, grief and codependency. Our specialists have many years of training in the fields of mental health and addictions. We present trainings to all ethnic groups and are well-known for our compassion and expertise.
We offer onsite training and online support and will train treatment center staff in presenting the best most up-to-date family program information available.

Our specialists provide 5 days of training for your team. One day is spent familiarizing staff with the treatment concepts and 4 days are spent training staff to work with actual families. Each program can work with up to 50 people for 4 days. Not only do we provide training in how addictions deteriorate relationships but how recovery can stop the generational transmission of the dysfunction and transform them into healthy, positive ones for their children and grandchildren. Codependency is an issue that requires knowledge of how families are affected by another family member’s behavior/ addiction. We also offer tools to heal the many layers of grief caused by a multitude of losses including trauma, domestic violence, death, divorce, financial loss, loss of job/career, health problems/disability or other losses.

We work with families of veterans suffering with PTSD and train your staff to provide ongoing support by explaining thoroughly what PTSD is how to recognize it and how to be helpful with those who suffer from it.

We help your program increase its effectiveness by a focus on intensive instruction, hands on practice and training in small group facilitation. Your facility will be able, with this knowledge, to reduce relapse rates which can positively increase funding for future programs.

We furnish your organization with an easy to use training manual that gives step by step instructions for presenting the family program in the 3 areas of addiction, grief and PTSD. The manuals are available for purchase for the families participating.

Sometimes the experience level of the counselors involved in the training require more practical hands on preparation and repetition we will do follow-up with 5 more days of training and practical hands on involvement at your request.

Our purpose is to help you and your organization grow stronger and be of maximum service to those you dedicate your lives to serving. This is a cooperative learning environment and we look forward to being part of your community of service workers striving toward excellence.

Community Based 1 day grief and healing workshops are available.

Suicide prevention training is available for communities, businesses, public safety facilities, and churches.

Equine therapy is available for groups of children, adolescents or adults.